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Child education is my vocation. Since I was very young, I have wanted to work as a child educator.
For this reason I have centred my training and professional degree to the intervention for children and teenagers.
The most part of my job experience belongs to the education field and I have been lucky to experience positive involvement which it has enriched me in many senses. There is nothing which makes me happier than dedicating my knowledge to the development of other people?s capacities.
Child?s education is not an easy job, there are many ways to develop this job and we are not absolutely certain of which is the best way since it all depends on a lot of variations.
This complexity is what makes special the education process. To participate in the development of a person is for me a privilege.
For me the education goes beyond the formal part.
Children capacities are not only developed in the school. I think that to promote environments that propitiate the mental development and the children socialization is the basis to ensure a healthy physically and mentally growth.
It has to be also taken into account the role that is adopted during this education process since it does not have to be neither permissive nor authoritative.
The rules are an essential part of the education process.
These have to be adjusted to the age and children features and they have to be clear. I think that to establish rules not only makes coexistence better but also helps the kid to have an ordered life, to make him/her be aware of what is going to happen to feel reassured and to develop correctly.
The introduction of rules has to be performed in the most natural possible way so that the kid can assume them naturally and not imposed.


  • Estudios: tengo estudios superiores.
  • Idiomas: Catalán, Español, Francés, Gallego, Inglés, Italiano, Portugués

Experiencia y Habilidades

My most recent experience has been working as a fille aupair in a Swiss family. During three months I have been taking care of two children, from 3 to 7 years old, more than 40 hours per week.
Before this previously described job, I worked more than two years in a special education center in Spain.
My job in the center mainly consisted to work as a psychologist but sometimes I also took care of the kids. I accompanied them to carry out different activities and I helped them with their daily routines (to eat, to get dressed, to take a shower, to go home and so on).
I worked more than a school course in a primary education school from my native town and I carried out instructor extracurricular tasks with children from 0 to 5 years old.
During this period I carried out as well a lot of baby-sittings. I worked with some of the families of the school. Normally, these jobs were occasional and I carried them out during the weekends or school holidays.
In 2011 I worked as teacher in the reception classroom of a public high school in Lleida (Spain).
During two years I was the Spanish and Catalan teacher of newly arrived students.
I have also worked during one year as a monitor in a swimming pool helping children to get dressed and take a shower before and after the activity.
During 4 consecutive summers I have worked as monitor of activities which are organized by the council of the city of Lleida (Spain) for children from 0 to 11 years old.
In 2006 I was instructor in a mountain.


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